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Coach U is a leading global provider of coach training programs. We offer programs that meet academic requirements for becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In 2019 Coach U, Inc and COACH A Co., Ltd., one of Coach U's first global licensees in Japan, have now formed a partnership and are now engaging in even more expanded offerings of training and development in multiple contexts. 

Our History

Coach U was founded in the USA in 1992 and added corporate services via in 1996.  Our programs are comprehensive, and filled with tools, skills and resources you can use in all areas of coaching, no-matter what type of coach you wish to become.  Coach U was in the first group of organizations accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for approved Coach Training. 

Each year hundreds more people from all walks of life take one of the in-person coach training programs offered around the world, and many more start one of the core or advanced international distance learning coach training programs.

Since 1992, Coach U has offered the most comprehensive coach training programs with 100% of faculty members that are professionally trained, experienced, ICF certified coaches at the PCC or MCC level. You will learn to coach, build your coaching practice, integrate coaching skills into your current life or work, and develop a strong personal foundation.  Participants choose to start their coach training with Phase 1:  Core Essentials™ or Core Essentials Fast Track™, and then step directly into Phase 2: Coach U’s Professional Essentials (both together are our full accredited program training hours).

Our Commitment

Coach U is committed to not just providing coaching skills but also to provide some of the most complete programs that will allow coaches to become successful in their chosen field.

Coach U graduates are recognized worldwide and are highly visible not just with their clients and within their organizations, but also within the coaching community.  You will find Coach U graduates everywhere – in the media, leading organizations and in their community.

Coach U Trains World Class Coaches.

Coach U trains a diverse group of coaches serving multiple demographic markets such as individual coaching, career coaching, small business coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, managerial coaching, parent coaching, teen coaching, wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, real estate coaching, financial coaching, grief coaching, health coaching, etc.

Coach U trains world-class coaches in training programs that are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Coach U was founded in 1992 by Thomas J. Leonard.  Mr. Leonard  and Coach U was instrumental in founding the International Coach Federation in 1995 and is one of the world’s oldest and largest coach training organizations.

Graduates of our Phase 1 - Core Essentials accumulate enough approved coach training hours (ACSTH) to meet the training requirements for the first ICF credentialing level (Associate Certified Coach - ACC). 

Certified Graduates of our full Professional Coach Training Program accumulate enough approved coach training hours to meet the training requirements for Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialing levels.

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Coach U's Corporate Division

Coach U Ignites Business Performance. 

Coach U trains internal and external coaches, part-time to full-time coaches, professional coaches to manager/leader-as-coaches.  

Coach U also offers a four-day train-the-trainer program and a two-day leadership development program. 

All of our public programs can be customized and facilitated for internal delivery in organizations.

Finally, we offer Executive Coaching services to integrate the power of a coach approach in leadership development.

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Coach U, Inc.

Coach U - training world-class coaches and igniting business performance.

North America:
1-800-48COACH or 1-800-482-6224

Non-North America:

Australasia, India and Middle East:
+61 2 9531 8988

Africa, Europe and UK:
+44 20 3014 8933

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

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