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About Coaching

Can I earn a living at this?

Yes, you can. It may take between six months and four years to create a full-time coaching practice. The more people you know, the faster you can build your practice.

Coach U and Corporate Coach U offers many courses and marketing tools on finding and retaining coachees. Thousands of coaches have built successful practices; many of the same coaches who feared they couldn’t. How much you earn depends on your marketing efforts, your area of specialty and the size and strength of your network. After several years of coaching, most coaches earn between $50,000 and $100,000. Some earn $250,000 .

Do coaches do anything other than coach individuals?

Yes, often they do group coaching, lead courses, conduct local workshops, make presentations and speeches, offer podcasts and distribute newsletters. You can coach as much as you wish or offer extra services to your coachees locally or globally. Being a coach allows you to offer multiple services and products, without the typical limits of most professions.

What licensing is required to be a coach?

Though it is optional, it is important to become an ICF Credentialed Coach since coachees and organisations are educated and are likely to ask for your credentials.

Are there other coach training firms?

Yes, there are at least 20 ICF accredited coaching companies, with more forming each year. Every firm offers a particular approach to coach training and coaching. It gets a little tricky to compare ourselves with other firms we can say that Coach U’s training programs are the most complete, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, innovative and flexible programs available today. We are also the most established, respected and largest worldwide coach training organization.

Can a person coach part-time?

Most coaches do, at least initially. If you already have a job, business or are freelancing, we suggest that you set aside one or two evenings a week to coach. As you attract more coachees, you’ll feel more confident about making the transition to full-time coaching. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to setting up your practice.

How long would a coachee work with an independent coach?

Anywhere from three months to five years. As you become more skillful, you’ll notice that your coachees stay with you longer. They’ll continue getting better results because you’re doing a terrific job. Also, as you become a stronger coach, you’ll start attracting stronger, more compatible coachees, who stay with you longer.

Who do you recommend NOT enter Coach U?

We rarely advertise; current students and graduates refer most students. Usually, someone hears about our coach training programs and wants more information. They either visit the website, read the Become A Coach book or take one of our low-cost courses. By then, most people know if coaching is right for them.

Therefore, our programs are self-selecting, the right people are naturally attracted. However, we do ask people who are emotionally or financially stressed not to enter our programs until they are ready. Becoming a trained coach is an investment in a strong future, not a quick solution to current personal or professional problems. If you’re not ready right now, working with a coach may speed your preparation process.

What kind of background does a person need to be an effective coach?

We are asked this question a lot. Socially, coaches come from every background, given coaching is cross-cultural. You don’t need to be an expert in everything, but you should have a personal spark, some life experience and a huge willingness to learn the craft of coaching. Your coachees want YOU as their coach; they don’t want a coaching service. Use the training at Coach and Corporate Coach U to improve your personal and professional skill set.

Why has coaching become so popular?

Coaching has become so popular (we estimate that there are 50,000 Coach U coaches worldwide) because there is consumer demand for it. There are many reasons for this. First, as more people become self-employed or start their own businesses, they want a coach’s structure, support and wisdom to help them be successful. Second, people are becoming more creative, selfish (in a good sense) and excited about life. People want to do more, be more and get more, and a coach is seen as a partner in this process. Third, time has become even more valuable and people don’t want to wait for anything. A coach can usually help a coachee get what they want faster.

Coaching is an exciting field, attracting many of the best and brightest from a number of other fields. The results of people being coached speak for themselves and are causing the profession to grow more than heavy marketing ever could. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the industry we pioneered and continue to develop. Email us via our contact form and we will contact you.


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