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About Our Coach Training Programs

Q: What questions should I ask when making the decision about which coach training organisation to train with

  • Is the organisation accredited with the governing body [International Coach Federation]?
  • Is the program an accredited program or part of an accredited program?
  • Is the program accredited at all?
  • Are your facilitators coaches in their own right?
  • Are they leading from experience or just theory?
  • Are your facilitators…..trainers or coaches?
  • Are your facilitators PCC or MCC credentialed?
  • Where did your facilitators complete their training?
  • Are you able to use any material provide to you, with your clients at no extra charge FOREVER?
  • Are you able to continue your coach specific training once you have completed your program?
  • Are you linked in with an International community?
  • Are you able to re-do, re-fresh, re-take any courses, after your program has completed? Is Life long membership an option?
  • Are you able to use the coach specific training hours towards a coaching credential with the ICF ?

Q:  When can I start taking classes?

  • Core Essentials Program.  After you enroll in the Core Essentials Program, Admissions will contact you to enroll you in a one-hour “CE-101 CEP Orientation” session; these are offered two times per month (always on the last week of the month).  After attending this Orientation session, you may enter the student-only area, review the complete schedule (courses are scheduled months in advance) and enroll in courses!  The course schedule changes each month to accommodate preferred course days (some people enroll in courses on specific days of the week only while others have greater availability) and times of the day (some people prefer to call before or after work while others during business hours) as well as time zones (we have students in over 50 countries); courses are available around the clock from Monday-Thursday, depending on where you live. Find out more about the Core Essentials Program.
  • Core Essentials Fast Track Schedule.  You will enroll in a specific event and the first component will be the CEFTP New Student Orientation session. Find out more about the Core Essentials Fast Track Program.

Q:  How long does it normally take to graduate from the Core Essentials Program? 

Ultimately, this will depend on how many courses you enroll in per month and how quickly you accumulate client coaching hours. While Core Essentials Program participants have 15 months to complete the program, many complete within 6 to 9 months. Core Essentials Fast Track Program participants may take up to six months to complete, and many complete the CEFTP within 6 weeks.

Q:  How long does it normally take to graduate for one of the Advanced Programs? 

Ultimately, this will depend on how many courses you enroll in per month and how quickly you accumulate client coaching hours. We encourage Advanced Program participants to graduate in 12-24 months although they can take up to 36 months. 

Q:  Is there a face-to-face option for the Advanced Programs?

At this time, Advanced Program courses are delivered by TeleCourse for a number of reasons. Every student proceeds on a unique journey according to their personal and professional needs. There are hundreds of elective hours available and some courses will be more relevant than others to you right now.  You will decide which courses to take, in which order you’ll take them and when specifically you will participate in each course. Also, as coaching is process, coach training is a process for integration and sustainability.  At this level, weekly reinforcement and refinement will be necessary for those pursuing a coaching credential. 

Q:  How many TeleCourses are facilitated live? 

All of our courses, in-person events and virtual/distance TeleCourses, are live facilitated by 1-2 Faculty Members.  At any given time, at least 95% of Coach U and Corporate Coach U Faculty Members are current ICF credentialed coaches at the PCC or MCC level. Faculty-in-training may begin with their ACC, but are expected to receive their PCC before the faculty training program ends (within less than one year). Our Faculty of 60 coaches resides throughout the world and must adhere to strict guidelines, including near-monthly Faculty Development Calls/Forums, continuing education, etc. 

Q:  I’ve never started a business before. Can I still become a successful coach?

Many of our students and graduates will become first-time entrepreneurs or business owners. There will be much to learn here and we offer many courses and curriculum on establishing yourself as a coach, practice management, business development (marketing and selling), pricing strategies, etc. Your faculty has first-hand experience in establishing successful coaching businesses. You are not learning from professional online marketers who actually have little to no coach training experience and/or are not ICF credentialed at the PCC or MCC level asking you to invest tens of thousands of dollars.  Those who fully participate and commit to both the Core Essentials and Advanced Programs and who recognise the value of having the right Professional Mentor Coach find they have all that they need and do not need to invest tens of thousands elsewhere.  And, of course, you are 100% responsible for action, implementation and course-correction to get the results you are seeking.

Q:  Why should I partner with Coach U?

Learn more about us here.  

Q:  Do you offer financing?  

We offer payment plans if you prefer not to pay in full at this time. 

Q:  If I call you, will you push me to enroll like some other coach training organisations?

The majority of our students and graduates are referred to us.  And many people who do significant research in their local area and online find that all roads lead back to Coach U or Corporate Coach U. We will enthusiastically inform and educate, but we do not rely on strong-arm tactics any more than we would recommend our coaches use them with prospective coachees.

We strongly encourage you to do significant research as not all coach training programs are created equally. It disappoints us when yet another student enrolls after aggressive selling only to find that they need to re-invest additional resources and return to us to enrol. Do your homework! 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards including AMEX, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept Purchase Orders and wire transfers.

Q: Do Coach U and Corporate Coach U coaches ever meet in person?

Yes, we offer in-person training throughout the world where Coach U and Corporate Coach U participants have the option to meetup.  You are most welcome attend to meet coaches in your area. They are happy to welcome you and to answer your questions about coaching, coach training and our profession. Meetings are informal and include a group discussion on a current theme or coaching topic.

Q: Can I hire a Professional Mentor Coach instead of entering a coach training program?

You could, but you’d only be getting half the picture. A mentor coach is trained to help you make the most of the training provided at Coach U and Corporate Coach U, not to provide coach training. With our coach training programs can you learn (and be permitted to use) our hundreds of coaching skills, proprietary programs and marketing tools. Your Professional Mentor Coach is for you, but doesn’t train you in the Coach U and Corporate Coach U technology.

Q: What happens during a typical Telecourse?

Some of the formal training you receive in our programs is done via teleconference call. Students call into a teleconferencing bridge for an hour or more, and work their way through one of the courses in the program over several weeks. Telecoursees meet anywhere from 4 to 12 consecutive weeks on the same day and time each week, and are conveniently scheduled throughout the day. A faculty member conducts each session. The faculty member covers the key learning points of the course and works with students to understand, integrate and learn the coaching concepts, skills or strategies of that course. Classes are interactive, much like a graduate-school discussion, and students engage in role-plays, peer coaching and case studies, depending on the course.

Q: Don’t the phone calls to the Telecourses get expensive?

Students are able to “dial” into their telecourses using phonecards, Skype, webcams and regular phones.

Q: How do I actually learn via a Telecourse? How much homework should I expect?

On your Telecourses, you learn by listening, experiencing, discussing and role-playing, guided by an experienced faculty member. There is ample time for you to ask your leader or fellow students for help with handling a coachee situation or what to do more effectively. You can expect about 20 minutes of homework for every hour of Telecourse, although this will vary by faculty member and by class.

Q: Is certification available?

Yes. The Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG) and the Corporate Coach U Certified Graduate (CCUCG) designations are available for graduates of our advanced training programs, after they meet a number of qualifications, including a minimum number of documented coaching hours; being coached/mentored by an approved mentor coach; having letters of recommendation; and, passing an interview.

We also offer a certification for Core Essentials and Core Essentials Fast Track students, the Core Essentials Graduation (CEG) designation.

There are many coaching designations offered in the coaching world, but none carry the cachet of a Coach U or Corporate Coach U certification, because none require the depth and breadth of training and competency demanded by our certification processes. These requirements make you eligible to apply to the International Coach Federation (ICF) for the designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Q: What is the philosophical basis for the Coach U and Corporate Coach U approach to coaching?

That’s a tricky question because we are a synthesis of at least a dozen disciplines and fields of study, including organisational development, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, sports, the healing arts, transformation, spirituality, philosophy and marketing. We use and teach concepts, strategies, principles, theories, practices, systems, models, and language from these fields. We weave all of these together carefully in order to produce the integrated coaching technology versus just an amalgamated assortment of ideas.

Coaching is an exciting field, attracting many of the best and brightest from a number of other fields. The results of people being coached speak for themselves and are causing the profession to grow more than heavy marketing ever could. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the industry we pioneered and continue to develop.


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