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What Tools Coaches Use

Every profession has its own set of tools and specialised knowledge. For example, an accountant uses a calculator and accounting software, a chiropractor uses his hands and knowledge of the body and an optometrist uses lenses and other optical equipment. So, it makes sense that coaches have their own set of tools as well. Coach U Essential Coaching Tools Book has all the tools and assessments you’ll need.

The most common coaching tools are:

Self-assessment checklists

Most coachees want to learn and understand more about themselves and how they operate in life. Coach U and Corporate Coach U trained coaches have access to over 100 self-assessments and coaching forms (developed at Coach U) that they can share with coachees. These tools help coachees discover and fulfil their individual needs, articulate their true values, accelerate their personal development, identify and eliminate conditions they’re suffering from, strengthen their Personal Foundation, and more. The more the coachee learns about him or herself, the more he or she will benefit from coaching.

Coachee programs

Close to 100,000 individuals, teams, business leaders, and organisations have benefited from being coached by Coach U and Corporate Coach U coaches. We have developed programs both for individuals and businesses. Some programs are 100- point checklists such as the New Business Start-Up or Super Reserve Programs, while others are learning modules such as The Attraction Program or The Personal Foundation Program. With these programs, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Success principles

Most coachees want to learn how to become more successful. The Coach U and Corporate Coach U coach has a comprehensive collection of what we call Success Principles. When coaches learn and integrate these principles into their own knowledge base, they have that much more to offer coachees.

Coaching models

Building on the Success Principle, Coach U and Corporate Coach U has developed dozens of Coaching Models. Because Coaching Models give coaches a visual representation of a situation or strategy, they can help their coachees to reach their goals much more quickly. Some of the most popular models are the 123 Coach! Model, the S-Five Model, the Who/What/How Model and the Five-Step Coaching Conversation.

As you can see, coaching is a lot more than just motivating and supporting your coachees. There is a technology and methodology to coaching. The process is easy to learn because as you learn coaching skills, you also become familiar with the coaching tools to help you apply your skills.

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