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With Donna Coulson
Date and Time
Thu, Sep 1, 2022 - Thu, Oct 20, 2022
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM United States / Eastern

This course is intended to focus on the practice of the core coaching skills that are covered courses:  Listening, Language, Questioning, Messaging, and Acknowledging. In the context of the flow and structure of a formal coaching conversation, each participant will coach and receive feedback on their current demonstration of ability from the faculty, their peers and a self-evaluation. 

Prerequisites: All 100 Series & 200 series courses must be completed

Overview of our Corporate Programs and Services

We offer 4 main areas of programs and services for our corporate clients.

  • Formal Coach Training
  • Licensing Programs (Train-the-Trainer)
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Corporate Coaching Services

Formal Coach Training

Coach U provides customized coach training solutions to organizations throughout the world who want their internal coaches to be highly-competent coaches and ultimately eligible for ICF credentialing.

When organizations recognize that business performance could be ignited through coaching solutions, they either send individuals to public Core Essentials Fast Track Programs or they will bring us to their location to facilitate a private and in-house coach training program

The 6-day Core Essentials Fast Track Program is usually delivered in:

  • Six consecutive days or
  • Two 3-day sessions

In addition, a four-week virtual course called “Establishing Yourself as a Coach” is included in the program.  This eight-hour course addresses issues such as creating a coaching culture, educating and communicating others on what a coach is and isn’t, setting up internal agreements, measuring success, and obtaining credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Core Essentials Graduates may then go on to complete the Professional Essentials Program which will prepare them for advance credentialing.

To learn more about the formal coach training programs you can click on any of the above program links, or request further information via the form below.

Licensing Programs (Train-the-Trainer)

Coach U currently offers one 4-day train-the-trainer programs. Provide your learning and development professionals with tools to equip your managers with basic coaching skills or tools to facilitate difficult conversations with others in the organization.

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™

This four-day program will introduce your team to the concepts and content in the two-day Coaching Clinic.  The Coaching Clinic is a coaching skills program for managers and leaders within organizations. 

Participants leave this program with an understanding on how to facilitate a coaching conversation using our proprietary Corporate Coaching Conversation Model ™ and Personal Coaching Styles Inventory™.  The Licensing Program portion delves deeper into the content and focuses on confidence and competence with regards to facilitating the two-day Coaching Clinic.

Leadership Development Programs

Coach U offers three leadership development programs, to provide your leaders and high-potentials with additional tools to succeed in your organizational culture.

The Coaching Clinic™ 

This two-day program will introduce your team to fundamental coaching skills, our proprietary Corporate Coaching Conversation Model™ and Personal Coaching Styles Inventory™.    

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) 

This half-day to one-day program includes taking the PCSI assessment, interactive exercises to learn about the coaching styles and communications exercises, including coaching sessions if applicable, to practice recognizing and flexing communications styles.

If your leaders can’t spend two days in training, we also offer customized half-day to one-day programs.

To learn more about the licensing/train-the-trainer programs you can click on any of the above program links, or request further information via the form below.

Corporate Coaching Service

Many organizations, including Fortune 100’s to budding entrepreneurs and governmental agencies to non-profits, continue to benefit from Coach U’s (CU) expertise within their own enterprises to increase productivity, profitability, employee retention and customer loyalty.

CU’s executive and corporate coaches, our Corporate Coaches division, are highly experienced, people-focused, professional, ICF credentialed results-driven graduates from the finest coach training programs – Coach U.  Our coaches have business experience in a wide range of industries and understand the environment in which your organizations operates.

If you want to partner your organizations with highly trained and experienced world-class  coaches, connect with us: 

Our professional business coaches support people at all levels of an organization to achieve exceptional results through igniting human potential.

Coach U will tailor a coaching program to address the challenges and needs specific to you and your organization. We create partnerships to assist in identifying, developing and implementing solutions that will enable executives, managers, leaders and work teams to become more effective in supporting organizations to grow.

Coach U is the industry leader with the largest database of highly qualified executive and corporate coaches worldwide. We bring corporate coaching services right to your doorstep and can serve you in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

  • One-on-One Coaching for Executives, Managers and Leaders at all levels
  • Team or Departmental Coaching
  • Performance Coaching and Strategy Development
  • Employee Assessment and Culture Shaping
  • Communication and Relationship Skill Building
  • Executive and Employee Wellness Coaching 

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