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With Donna Coulson
Date and Time
Thu, Sep 1, 2022 - Thu, Oct 20, 2022
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM United States / Eastern

This course is intended to focus on the practice of the core coaching skills that are covered courses:  Listening, Language, Questioning, Messaging, and Acknowledging. In the context of the flow and structure of a formal coaching conversation, each participant will coach and receive feedback on their current demonstration of ability from the faculty, their peers and a self-evaluation. 

Prerequisites: All 100 Series & 200 series courses must be completed


Interested in making a difference in the world?  In your organization?  Your community?

In the existing complexity and ambiguity of the world marketplace, coaching can be your tool to integrate new learning, support flexibility and flow and assist in navigating the rapidly changing landscape. Coach U's programs offer top of the line training and consulting in a collaborative process that ignites a leader’s ability to inspire a resilient, thriving and agile workplace. Whether virtual or in-person, our coaching development and personal evolution programs impact individuals and leaders at all levels. Additionally, Coach U’s Coach training programs meet academic requirements for becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and offers continuing education hours for credential renewals or training hours required for the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential.


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The clear choice in Coaching Education


Since 1992 Coach U has been a leading global provider of coach training programs and coaching culture change for organizations. 100% of its faculty are professionally trained, experienced coaches, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the Professional Certified Coach or Master Certified Coach level.

You will learn to coach, integrate coaching skills into your current life or work, and develop a strong personal foundation. Additionally, Coach U offers support in building a coaching business if that is part of your plan.

Most participants choose to start their coach training with the Core Essentials™ or Core Essentials Fast Track™ programs, while others who are already ICF certified step directly into our Professional Essentials Program or the Coaching Clinic Licensing Program for bringing coaching in to organizations.

Ready to get started?

Whether you are ready to enroll in one of the upcoming programs or have a few more questions, one of our helpful team members are here to help with the next steps. Let us know how we can help. 

Getting Started


Are you interested in getting a taste of coach training or just doing one of our short courses (from personal and professional foundations to understanding credentialing and licensing) then one of the range of informational courses might just be right for you

4 part Becoming a Coach Information Webinar Series

If you have an interest in coaching or in any of our coach training programs, enrolling in our Becoming a Coach (BAC) Information Webinar Series is the perfect place to start! This information rich webinar is insightful and will also give you an experience of virtual learning and training.

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1-hour Becoming a Coaching Clinic License Facilitator

Join this 1- hour webinar and thousands of coaches, consultants, trainers and facilitators licensed to deliver our 2-day Coaching Clinic at their public event or in-house for their managers and leaders. Discover how you can deliver our 2-Day Coaching Clinic or 2-Day Essential Conversations Programs.

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Coaching Education & Credentialing Conversation

In this conversation, Pamela Richarde will help you navigate through understanding the Coaching Education & Credentialing process. This conversation will help clarify the details and requirements for coaching education and professional certification, via the lens of the ICF standards.

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8-week Professional Foundations for Masterful Coaches

In this Virtual Course, discover a wide variety of concepts to support being the best coach or leader you can be. This course explores life and career/business matters to cultivating and maintaining personal and professional relationships. Focus on your professional presenceas a Masterful Coach.

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8-week Building your Personal Foundation Virtual Course

This class will accelerate your own personal development and growth. Building Your Personal Foundation involves deliberately investing in your life and self-care. Stop the energy leaks in your life and to start having much more vitality. Partner with us as thousands of others have done.

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8-Week Personal Coaching Styles Inventory™ Virtual Course

Register for this 8-week program and discover how to flex your coaching and communication style to better relate and communicate with clients, customers and other valued people in your life and work. Explore coaching styles to communicate, inspire and provide feedback to others.

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Coach U's in-person programs are held in various locations throughout the year. If you have a strong desire to learn foundational coach training skills in a shorter period of time, these programs meet the coach specific requirements for the ACC certification through the ICF.

Core Essentials FastTrack 

This program offers foundational and intermediate courses to develop core coaching competency at the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level, knowledge in developing an internal or external coaching practice or business, and personal development for sustainable success in coaching. This program, enhanced with invaluable practice and project labs, has been carefully designed to teach you core coaching skills and learn practical business development skills efficiently and conveniently.

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Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and organisations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before. Leaders and employees alike must place a new emphasis on individual and collective learning and creativity.

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ (CCLP) provides both the technology and the process to develop a new workplace model to achieve these goals. 

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"The Core Essentials Fast Track Program far exceeded expectations – great learning format! Unbelievably unique experience. I feel blessed and proud to be trained under the Coach U banner." – Dean Long


Coach U offers a range of comprehensive, foundational and advanced programs that you can complete in your own pace via virtual courses and self-study. These programs comply with part of the requirements for an ICF Certification.

Core Essentials


The CE is a facilitated program you can begin now from the comfort of your own home or office. After enrolling in the CE you’ll simply need to go to the Coach U Campus area and register for your classes. There are also 100’s of PDF resources available throughout the program in the student area of the website.

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Professional Essentials (PE)

Individuals who wish to further develop their coaching skills and apply them either as an internal or independent coach can register in Coach U’s Professional Essentials – a comprehensive training program for new and experienced coaches. This program is required to become a Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG).

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Professional Essentials Transfer (PE-T)

The Professional Essentials Transfer (PE-T) is appropriate for individuals who have a minimum certification of ACC by the ICF and who wish to continue their training at Coach U. This program is broad and will prepare an individual to coach many types of clients with many types of situations.

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