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Humility & Courage

June 21, 2022
Humility & Courage Coaching as a humble and courageous act. At the core of the coaching process is the true belief that our clients are perfect. There is absolutely nothing to fix. Our clients are able, resourceful, and full of potential. Coaching comes as an added tool to support these ...

To Know or Not to Know? That is the Question

May 16, 2022
To Know or Not to Know? That is the Question. In this blog I would like to share some thoughts about when and how a coach may offer insights or thinking without it turning into advice giving or using their expertise. This will also enable us to explore the concept of the coach demonstrating ...

True Diversity – It starts with humility

April 19, 2022
Diversity is a wonderful thing. Truly, it makes life rich and interesting. Yet, for whatever reason, humans are wired to prefer people who are similar to themselves. I find the juxtaposition of these two ideas to be fascinating …and deeply challenging. It’s not healthy to have an ...

3 Approaches to Being an Ethical Coach

March 14, 2022
ICF-credentialed coaches are used to the fact that every three years we sign a pledge to adhere to the Code of Ethics and complete Continuing Coach Education on coaching ethics. (Those of us who are ICF Members also pledge to uphold the Code of Ethics annually, when we apply to renew our ...

How Can Leaders Continue to Learn Beyond Success Stories?

February 22, 2022
This article was originally published on COACHA E-Newsletter on November 15, 2021. How Can Leaders Continue to Learn Beyond Success Stories? I invited Kanetsugu Mike, Chairman of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, to our online forum for an interview. The title of the discussion was "The ...

Live in the Destination You Want

January 19, 2022
Coaching diversity through personal diversity If mastery in coaching is what you yearn for, live into those behaviors with every breath. Be masterful as a coach right now: the future is irrelevant. If you are unwilling to be what you envision for yourself, right now, you are sending a message ...

Avoiding the Iceberg. Is it time to change course?

September 20, 2021
Twenty-plus years ago, when coaching came on the scene officially, it brought with it the possibility of being a game changer for the planet. It was going to be a disruptor for businesses, leaders – anyone in fact who wanted their habitual ways of thinking and doing challenged for the sake ...

Tolerance has a Tipping Point

August 9, 2021
My nephew Nick asked me to re-read the Harry Potter series with him this summer. It didn’t take much convincing because I love the Harry Potter saga. I just finished The Order of the Phoenix, and Nick’s halfway through The Half-Blood Prince. Nick texted me last week, saying how ...

The Vital Attitude of Co-Responsibility in Performance Dialogues

July 26, 2021
We ask groups of leaders, “Do you think your manager is co-responsible for how you show up or for how successful you are in your role? Does your performance depend on what he or she does?” They quickly and assertively answer, “Of course.” Then we ask, “So, then, ...

What Makes a Good Coach? Compassion, presence, communication and more…

July 12, 2021
What makes a good coach? Is it a certificate? Is it multiple years in practice? Is it a particular school? Some would say all of the above; others would demur, and search for the definition and meaning elsewhere. There are multiple competencies a coach has that are similar to those possessed by ...

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