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Through the Looking Glass - The Impact and Influences of our Biases

with Pamela Richarde

We like to believe that we are totally logical when we make decisions, or define our beliefs, about something or someone.

What if what we believe to be true about something is only ’true’ because of a belief we have (i.e. a bias)?

In this sensitively fascinating webinar discover:

  • The many areas bias occurs: memory, emotional, behavioral, financial, social, the list goes on and can be broken into much more detail.
  • How our work is often about enabling clients to be aware of their belief structures and how it is impacting them, so that they can have more choice – in other words – making the unconscious conscious.

Unconscious bias highlights the importance of the topic and how wide-ranging its relevance is to coaching. 

Join us for a stimulating exploration of conscious and unconscious bias that may impact your world in ways you might not expect.

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