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If we’re lucky enough, extraordinary individuals come across our paths who leave an indelible mark on how we see ourselves and the world around us. They ignite something within us that inspires us to do more, and more importantly, be more. They help us see new potential within ourselves and our situations that give us the desire and courage to play bigger and go farther than we ever imagined. These extraordinary individuals are The Evolutionaries, and once each month you will meet them here.

Please join us as we explore the unique contributions and personal journeys of these thought leaders in human potential. 

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Karen Alber

Episode 1: Resilient Leaders Build Resilient Organizations
Karen Alber

Karen Alber, former Chief Information Office for MillerCoors and HJ Heinz and Coach U alumni, shares how she accelerated her career, dramatically improved engagement scores and built resilient companies by building resilient teams using a coach approach to leadership.

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