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With Donna Coulson
Date and Time
Thu, Sep 1, 2022 - Thu, Oct 20, 2022
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM United States / Eastern

This course is intended to focus on the practice of the core coaching skills that are covered courses:  Listening, Language, Questioning, Messaging, and Acknowledging. In the context of the flow and structure of a formal coaching conversation, each participant will coach and receive feedback on their current demonstration of ability from the faculty, their peers and a self-evaluation. 

Prerequisites: All 100 Series & 200 series courses must be completed

Virtual Education Programs

Coach U offers a comprehensive coaching training program that you can complete virtually at your own pace: 

Our Professional Coach Training Program.

This is an officially accredited program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and complies with part of the requirements for an ICF Certification.  We offer it in two (2) Phases as noted below.  

You may begin by investing in your coach training, simply with Phase 1.  Or you can purchase the full program (Phase 1 & Phase 2) and save.

Core Essentials  (CE) | Phase 1

This initial program is suited for those seeking to learn foundational coaching skills and start their journey towards an ICF coaching certification. The Core Essentials (CE) will provide you with the essential knowledge of the ICF core coaching competencies and the skills required to coach effectively. The CE program meets the academic requirements for the ACC certification through the ICF, providing 77 hours of coach specific training.

For a full description click here

Professional Essentials (PE) | Phase 2 

Individuals who wish to further develop their coaching skills and apply them either as an internal or independent coach can register in Coach U’s Phase 2: Professional Essentials – the most comprehensive and effective training program for new and experienced coaches. This program, along with our Phase 2b (written & oral exams) is required to become a Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG). The CUCG program and designation is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) under the Accredited Coach Training Program Track (ACTP). This program is suited for coaches planning to apply for the PCC level certification with the ICF.

For a full description click here

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